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Cooking in paradise pageant at Jade Mountain


  With its panoramic views of the piton Mountains, open-walled sanctuaries and soft sand beaches, Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet ended up designed, to start with and foremost, to appeal to all five senses. The annual Cooking in paradise pageant pays homage into the feeling of flavor: Throughout this five-day culinary exploration, guests are invited to cook, hike, harvest, shake cocktails, make personalized chocolate bars and flavor (and taste and style)?aall whilst becoming pampered in an utterly unforgettable setting.

  Along with Allen Susser, the resort??¥s James Beard award-winning chef, owners Karolin and Nick Troubetzkoy have handcrafted the itinerary to showcase the resort??¥s most intriguing ingredients and encounters.

  Here??¥s a sneak peek at some in the deliciousness that awaits:

  Discover Chocolate - Chocolate Lab

  For this tantalizing interactive knowledge subsequent the Chocolate Sensory Tasting, head into the Chocolate Lab to discover just how chocolate is made. The resorts undoubtedly are a Tree to Bar natural boutique chocolate producer using only Emerald Estate Organic Cocoa. Learn the basic techniques of making chocolate, tempering chocolate, building your own fudge and making a customized chocolate bar. The best component...you get property what you make! So, if you??¥ve ever pondered the alchemy involved in producing the finest of chocolates, enroll within this Discover Chocolate workshop and learn this delightful art for yourself. This class is hands on so be prepared being covered with chocolate!

  Morning tour of Emerald Estate Natural and organic Farm and cooking class hosted by Chef Allen Susser

  The Resorts organic farm Emerald Estate, located while in the Soufriere hills, is an integral section of the culinary encounter at Jade Mountain. The farm produces a wide variety of items including vanilla beans, bay leaf, nutmeg trees, cinnamon, and numerous varieties of mango, sour orange, coconuts, leaves, greens, vegetables and herbs all brought daily on the kitchens.

department of Psychology offers top-notch psychology degree programmes and its faculties provide all-round support to students for nurturing them to become intellectually competent through scientific studies.

  A Spoonful of paradise Dinner Celebration inside the Jade Club

  A specially prepared 5 course dinner spectacular prepared by Chef Allen, Executive Chef Juan and Chef de Cuisine Elijah. The inspiration will come with the naturally diverse shapes and colors in the ingredients. By using the finest ingredients, intense flavors, unpredictable combinations and challenging resources the resort is equipped to produce a statement of artwork on the table. The dinner may be accompanied by a pairing of carefully selected wines to match each course.

  Hand Crafted paradise Cocktail Mixology on the Beach Bar

strip lights and light ribbons offered by Brilliant Lighting are low in power consumption yet high intensity, making them perfect for decorative use including amusement parks, theatres, cars and others.

  For those who appreciate Caribbean rum, explore the fine craft of mixing cocktails using the basic techniques and tricks from standout bartenders. Learn how to make Spiced Mojitos, pina Coladas, and the most common Coco Doo in this particular special Mixology Class. When you by now use a favorite through the resorts cocktail list, they can even demonstrate you how it??¥s produced!

Whatever it is you decide to give away should be able to communicate your message and anything customized gives off the brand of luxury and we all know that there is nothing more luxurious than personalized chocolate treats.

  Cooking in paradise is a chance to explore St. Lucia??¥s varied cuisine, which encompasses common local dishes, modern interpretations by trendsetting chefs and beach bar favorites. Get all set to awaken your resourceful spirit and come household with recipes and tricks that bring a little of Jade Mountain into your kitchen (talk about an incredible souvenir!).





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more subscribers in 2018 but nevertheless


  Accounting software package company MYOB has become adding on the web buyers at much more than 2 times the speed of arch-rival Xero but its whole subscriber numbers remain two-thirds of Xero's numbers for Australia and New Zealand.


solution provides a full range of managed backup(onsite, offsite, offline,Virtual to Cloud,Cloud to Cloud Backup) and  disaster recovery plan, replication and recovery services for enterprises.


  MYOB included 229,000 on-line subscribers in calendar 2018, a 57 for every cent enhance, getting total on the web client numbers to 628,000 and chair Justin Milne states the corporation is on target to succeed in one million on the net subscribers in 2020.


Being the largest ,has a team of over 1200 qualified financial executives. All under one roof,offers you plans of over 20 insurance providers and about 500 insurance plans, over 40 housing loan options and over 750 fund options and 15 mutual fund schemes from about 10 mutual fund options.


  That compares to Xero's Australasian buyer numbers of 981,000 at Sept. thirty, a 24 per cent maximize, but that means only 192,000 customers were extra ¡§C Xero's whole consumers at that day were one.fifty eight million but MYOB does not compete outside of Australasia.


The System adopted by  is a 24/7 secure tool to support your business accounts with an online portal. Features include bank reconciliation, invoicing, inventory record and others.


  Xero's growth amount used to be speedier when it had much less consumers and MYOB's rate of development is also starting to slow slightly now - subscriber figures grew 60 per cent in 2017.







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2019年1月14日 (月)

temperatures as low as eleven degrees


Hongkongers will need to break out the scarves and hats if they head out to celebrate the new calendar year on Monday night, with a cold and windy handful of days within the way, according to forecasters.
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New Year??£¤s Eve was set to get as cold as 11 levels Celsius, with a maximum of 15 degrees, according on the Observatory.
Cloudy skies were being forecast for Friday night, alongside with a cold turn on Saturday, when temperatures will array from twelve to sixteen degrees in urban areas, and a couple of levels decreased from the New Territories. Forecasters explained there would be bright periods and moderate north-to-northeasterly winds, which would be occasionally powerful offshore and on superior ground.


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plus the cold temperature was established to persist, with strong winds around the weekend and a couple of rainy patches from Monday to Wednesday, the Observatory reported.
It reported temperatures would be as low as 11 degrees with a most of 14 levels on Tuesday, the first day of 2019.






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2018年9月 7日 (金)

ships were lashed together

The conduct of Landais has presented a problem difficult of solution. It has been surmised, and upon the warrant of his own statement, that he would have thought it no harm if the Richard had struck to the Serapis, and he could have had the glory of recapturing her and then forcing the surrender of the English frigate; but whether he really meant by his dastardly conduct to compel this situation from which he trusted he could reap so much honor, is another story. Most of the historians have been unable to see anything in his actions but jealousy and treachery. The most eminent critic, however, who has treated of the battle[21] has thought his actions arose from an incapacity, coupled with a timidity amounting to cowardice, which utterly blinded his judgment; that he was desirous of doing something, and felt it incumbent upon him to take some part in the action and that his firing into the Richard was due to incompetency rather than to anything else. With all deference, it is difficult to agree with this proposition. The officers of the squadron, in a paper which was prepared less than a month after the action, bore conclusive testimony that while it is true that he was an incapable coward, he was, in addition, either a jealous traitor, or--and this is the only other supposition which will account for his action--that he was irresponsible, in short, insane. This is a conclusion to which his own officers afterward arrived, and which his subsequent career seems to bear out. At any rate, this is the most charitable explanation of his conduct which can be adopted. If he had been simply cowardly, he could have done some service by attacking the unprotected convoy, which was entirely at his mercy, and among which he could have easily taken some valuable prizes. It is stated to their credit that some of the officers of the Alliance remonstrated with Landais, and pointed out to him that he was attacking the wrong ship, and that some of his men refused to obey his orders to fire.

There is but one other circumstance to which it is necessary to refer. All the plans of the battle which are extant, and all the descriptions which have been made, from Cooper to Maclay and Spears, show that the Richard passed ahead of the Serapis and was raked; and that the Serapis then ranged alongside to windward of the American and presently succeeded in crossing the Richard's bow and raking her a second time. Richard Dale's account, in Sherburne's Life of Paul Jones, written some forty-six years after the action, seems to bear out this idea. Jones himself, whose report is condensed and unfortunately wanting in detail, says: "Every method was practiced on both sides to gain an advantage and rake each other, and I must confess that the enemy's ship, being much more manageable than the Bon Homme Richard, gained thereby several times an advantageous situation, in spite of my best endeavors to prevent it." Nathaniel Fanning, midshipman of the maintop in the action, stated in his narrative, published in 1806, twenty-seven years later, that the Serapis raked the Richard several times.

Notwithstanding this weight of apparent testimony, I must agree with Captain Mahan in his conclusion that the Serapis, until the , engaged the Richard with her port battery only, and that the plan as given above is correct. In the first place, Jones' statement is too indefinite to base a conclusion upon unless clearly corroborated by other evidence. Dale, being in the batteries, where he could hardly see the maneuvers, and writing from memory after a lapse of many years, may well have been mistaken. Fanning's narrative is contradicted by the articles which he signed concerning the conduct of Landais, in October, 1779, in the Texel, so that his earliest statement is at variance with his final recollection, and Fanning is not very reliable at best.

2016年8月29日 (月)

It took about 7 hours to

  get to danamushi from Lhasa. It was the third day to reach Tibet. On the second day of my visit, I was not used to the high water and long journey in Tibet. On the way, we will pass the mountain pass at an altitude of 5,190 meters. The monument of Everest base camp is only 5,200 meters above sea level, and the tough group members will get off the bus for a photo. However, some of our patients with high antipathy are no longer just ladies.

Our renowned local chefs offer authentic recipes of and ribeye steaks. With manipulating the combination of raw ingredients, the best cuts of tender European beef steak will convert into a mouth-watering dish.


  Holding the oxygen bottle along the way to the lake danamumiu, even if the head of the high can not ignore her breathtaking beauty! The ice on the lake had melted, and the namtso looked like a blossoming white lotus flower at the foot of the snow mountain. The snow-capped peaks, which never melted, guarded his beloved girl like mighty warriors, displaying beauty and wonder.

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  Even a small pond on the lake, under the background of the blue sky and snow mountain, there is a magic wave patting the gravel ground. The blue lake water is not clear is the color of the water itself or the reflection of the sky, so people sincerely respect and worship.

  On the fourth day in Tibet, we arrived at the nyingchi of the south of the Yangtze river in Tibet. The comfortable elevation allows us to savor the scenery of these days, Tibet are connected with Lhasa and shannan, the eastern and northern parts with qamdo and naqu areas, and the southern parts with India and myanmar.

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD WAN) is a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance.

from the namtso of 4718 meters to the "green water" basongso, which is really repeat one's mistakes. Nyingchi, formerly known as gongbu, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of the Tibet autonomous region. Located in the southeast of Tibet autonomous region, the western and southwest parts of







2016年8月23日 (火)

driven and inspiring

Mike Markkula had never wanted to be Apple’s president. He liked designing his new houses, flying his private plane, and living high off his stock options; he did not relish adjudicating conflict or curating high-maintenance egos. He had stepped into the role reluctantly, after he felt compelled to ease out Mike Scott, and he promised his wife the gig would be temporary. By the end of 1982, after almost two years, she gave him an order: Find a replacement right away YOOX hk.

Jobs knew that he was not ready to run the company himself, even though there was a part of him that wanted to try. Despite his arrogance, he could be self-aware. Markkula agreed; he told Jobs that he was still a bit too rough-edged and immature to be Apple’s president. So they launched a search for someone from the outside YOOX hk.

The person they most wanted was Don Estridge, who had built IBM’s personal computer division from scratch and launched a PC that, even though Jobs and his team disparaged it, was now outselling Apple’s. Estridge had sheltered his division in Boca Raton, Florida, safely removed from the corporate mentality of Armonk, New York. Like Jobs, he was , but unlike Jobs, he had the ability to allow others to think that his brilliant ideas were their own. Jobs flew to Boca Raton with the offer of a $1 million salary and a $1 million signing bonus, but Estridge turned him down. He was not the type who would jump ship to join the enemy. He also enjoyed being part of the establishment, a member of the Navy rather than a pirate. He was discomforted by Jobs’s tales of ripping off the phone company. When asked where he worked, he loved to be able to answer “IBM.”

So Jobs and Markkula enlisted Gerry Roche, a gregarious corporate headhunter, to find someone else. They decided not to focus on technology executives; what they needed was a consumer marketer who knew advertising and had the corporate polish that would play well on Wall Street. Roche set his sights on the hottest consumer marketing wizard of the moment, John Sculley, president of the Pepsi-Cola division of PepsiCo, whose Pepsi Challenge campaign had been an advertising and publicity triumph. When Jobs gave a talk to Stanford business students, he heard good things about Sculley, who had spoken to the class earlier. So he told Roche he would be happy to meet him YOOX hk.

2016年8月 8日 (月)

out of the stirrup

Mr. Bounderby seemed agreeably surprised, notwithstanding his previous strong conviction. Very well, he returned. Youre a steady Hand, and I was not mistaken. Now, let me hear what its all about. As its not that, let me hear what it is. What have you got to say? Out with it, lad!Stephen happened to glance towards Mrs. Sparsit. I can go, Mr. Bounderby, if you wish it, said that self-sacrificing lady, making a feint of taking her foot .

Mr. Bounderby stayed her, by holding a mouthful of chop in suspension before swallowing it, and putting out his left hand. Then, withdrawing his hand and swallowing his mouthful of chop, he said to Stephen:Now you know, this good lady is a born lady, a high lady. You are not to suppose because she keeps my house for me, that she hasnt been very high up the tree - ah, up at the top of the tree! Now, if you have got anything to say that cant be said before a born lady, this lady will leave the room.If what you have got to say can be said before a born lady, this lady will stay where she is YOOX hk.

Sir, I hope I never had nowt to say, not fitten for a born lady to year, sin I were born mysen, was the reply, accompanied with a slight flush.Very well, said Mr. Bounderby, pushing away his plate, and leaning back. Fire away!I ha coom, Stephen began, raising his eyes from the floor, after a moments consideration, to ask yo yor advice. I need t overmuch. I were married on Easr Monday nineteen year sin, long and dree. She were a young lass - pretty enow - wi good accounts of herseln. Well! She went bad - soon. Not along of me YOOX hk.

Gonnows I were not a unkind husband to her.I have heard all this before, said Mr. Bounderby. She took to drinking, left off working, sold the furniture, pawned the clothes, and played old Gooseberry.I were patient wi her.

2016年7月26日 (火)

paddling eastward

His flesh stinging with the wound of the arrow, Robert lifted his musket and fired quickly. Years before, in his own country, he had been honored by his King for his good marksmanship, but it was God who guided that aim through the darkness, for it shot straight into the very heart of the chieftain! While, in confusion, the Indians gathered about their fallen chief, Robert, with Angele fainting at his feet, was soon lost in the kindly darkness of the river--!"


"Oh, were they saved?" cried Peggy, drawing a long breath."Yes. Days afterward they reached a fort where they found a priest who married them. And they lived happy, useful lives in a settlement in Pennsylvania. Some records of the fort where the priest married them tell the whole story--they're right in the house," and Grandma nodded her head proudly toward the open door."Didn't I tell you she was like a page out of history?" Barbara asked Keineth as they drove homeward."You just feel as if you were an American History book, beginning with the discovery of America," laughed Peggy Dream beauty pro hard sell.


"If I was a history book I'd leave out dates and the Cabots--I never can get 'em straight," Billy chimed."There must be lots and lots of stories about brave men that were never put in books," Keineth added thoughtfully.Peggy yawned widely. "Well, I'm glad I'm not that poor captive maiden and just plain Peggy Lee of Overlook!""And I'm gladder still that mother is sure to have ice cream for dinner!"This, of course, from Billy."Anyone might think that this was Friday the thirteenth," growled Billy. "I broke my fishing rod and I've lost my knife and Jim Archer stepped on a nail and can't go on a hike this afternoon-- ."


Billy's curious talk never failed to interest Keineth. She knew that it was not Friday and it was not the thirteenth and wondered what Billy ever meant! But she never asked him; something in the scornful superiority with which Billy treated all girls made Keineth very shy with him. She wished they might be better friends, for she felt very sure that it would be great fun to share with him the exciting adventures Billy seemed always to find! Vaguely she wondered what she could do that might put her on an equal footing with this freckled-faced lad who was, after all, only two years older than she was!


"Jim stepped on the nail yesterday--what's that got to do with to-day!" Peggy answered teasingly, "Well, we were going to hike to-day," Billy explained, too doleful to indulge in retort. "And all the other fellows are doing something else ."

2016年7月12日 (火)

individual in question

If we take the liberty of looking into double-bedded rooms, and peering into the thoughts which are passing under private nightcaps, may we not examine the coupé of a jingling diligence with an open window, in which a young lady sits wide awake by the side of her uncle and aunt! These perhaps are asleep; but she is not. Ah! she is thinking of another journey! that blissful one from Boulogne, when he was there yonder in the imperial, by the side of the conductor dermes.

When the MacWhirter party had come to the diligence office, how her little heart had beat! How she had looked under the lamps at all the people lounging about the court! How she had listened when the clerk called out the names of the passengers; and, mercy, what a fright she had been in, lest he should be there after all, while she stood yet leaning on her father’s arm! But there was no — well, names, I think, need scarcely be mentioned. There was no sign of the. Papa kissed her, and sadly said good-by dermes.

Good Madame Smolensk came with an adieu and an embrace for her dear Miss, and whispered, “Courage, mon enfant,” and then said, “Hold, I have brought you some bonbons.” There they were in a little packet. Little Charlotte put the packet into her little basket. Away goes the diligence, but the individual had made no sign.Away goes the diligence; and every now and then Charlotte feels the little packet in her little basket. What does it contain — oh, what? If Charlotte could but read with her heart, she would see in that little packet — the sweetest bonbon of all perhaps it might be, or, ah me! the bitterest almond! Through the night goes the diligence, passing relay after relay. Uncle Mac sleeps.

I think I have said he snored. Aunt Mac is quite silent, and Char sits plaintively with her lonely thoughts and her bonbons, as miles, hours, relays pass.“These ladies, will they descend and take a cup of coffee, a cup of bouillon?” at last cries a waiter at the coupé door, as the carriage stops in Orleans. “By all means a cup of coffee,” says Aunt Mac. “The little Orleans wine is good,” cries Uncle Mac. “Descendons!” “This way, madame,” says the waiter. “Charlotte, my love, some coffee?”
“I will — I will stay in the carriage. I don’t want anything, thank you,” says Miss Charlotte dermes.

And the instant her relations are gone, entering the gate of the Lion Noir, where, you know, are the Bureaux des Messageries, Lafitte, Caillard et Cie — I say, on the very instant when her relations have disappeared, what do you think Miss Charlotte does?

2016年6月20日 (月)

enjoying writing the book

But there's a border between manageable madness and unmanageable madness, and you're getting closer to it every day . . . and part of you knows it. Paul had a brilliant idea. 'I owe you my life,' he said, 'and I'm just a nuisance to you. I've got about four hundred dollars in my wallet. I want you to have it.' 'Oh, Paul. I couldn't .'


She was looking at him in confusion and pleasure. Paul smiled and tried to look as sincere as possible. 'It's yours,' he said, 'You saved two lives, you know - Misery's as well as 32 mine. And you showed me that I was going wrong, writing other kinds of books. Four hundred dollars is nothing for all that. If you don't take the money you'll make me feel bad.' 'Well, if you say so . . . All right,' she said, with a shy smile. 'They all hate me, you know. They're all against me, Paul .' '


So you must pay their dirty taxes today," Paul said. 'That'll show them. I bet there arc other people in the town - the Roydmans, for example - who haven't paid their taxes for years. They're just trying to make you go, Annie.' 'Yes, I'll pay their stupid taxes,' she said. 'That'll teach them a lesson. I'll stay here and spit in their eyes!' She went and fetched his wallet. The money was still in it, but everything which showed that it belonged to Paul Sheldon had gone. He remembered going to the bank and taking the money out. The man who had done that had felt good. He had just finished Fast Cars and was feeling younger than his age. I lis legs were not useless sticks Exchange Opportunities.


He gave Annie the money and she bent over and kissed him on the lips. He smelled the foul smell which came from the rotten places inside her. 'I love you,' she said. 'Would you put me in the wheelchair?' he said. 'I want to write.' 'Of course, my dear,' she replied. Then she left to go to town. While she was out Paul unlocked the door - he now had four hairpins under the mattress, next to the tablets - and tried to clean the marks on the door-frame. Three weeks passed. Although there were times when he felt close to tears. Paul was on the whole curiously happy. He was. Usually the most he could write was two or three pages a day, but he was sometimes writing twelve pages of Misery's Return in a day! He was living such a regular and healthy life. Annie was cooking him three meals a day.


He wasn't drinking any alcohol or smoking cigarettes; he suffered from none of his usual headaches. He woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, worked, had lunch, slept for a while, worked 33 again, ate again and then slept like a baby all night long. There was nothing else for him to do - nothing to interrupt the routine. Ideas for the book were flooding into his mind. Can you? Yes, I can. Then the rain came, and everything changed.

« the money would be forthcoming