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2016年8月29日 (月)

It took about 7 hours to

  get to danamushi from Lhasa. It was the third day to reach Tibet. On the second day of my visit, I was not used to the high water and long journey in Tibet. On the way, we will pass the mountain pass at an altitude of 5,190 meters. The monument of Everest base camp is only 5,200 meters above sea level, and the tough group members will get off the bus for a photo. However, some of our patients with high antipathy are no longer just ladies.

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  Holding the oxygen bottle along the way to the lake danamumiu, even if the head of the high can not ignore her breathtaking beauty! The ice on the lake had melted, and the namtso looked like a blossoming white lotus flower at the foot of the snow mountain. The snow-capped peaks, which never melted, guarded his beloved girl like mighty warriors, displaying beauty and wonder.

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  Even a small pond on the lake, under the background of the blue sky and snow mountain, there is a magic wave patting the gravel ground. The blue lake water is not clear is the color of the water itself or the reflection of the sky, so people sincerely respect and worship.

  On the fourth day in Tibet, we arrived at the nyingchi of the south of the Yangtze river in Tibet. The comfortable elevation allows us to savor the scenery of these days, Tibet are connected with Lhasa and shannan, the eastern and northern parts with qamdo and naqu areas, and the southern parts with India and myanmar.

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from the namtso of 4718 meters to the "green water" basongso, which is really repeat one's mistakes. Nyingchi, formerly known as gongbu, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of the Tibet autonomous region. Located in the southeast of Tibet autonomous region, the western and southwest parts of







« driven and inspiring | トップページ | ships were lashed together »





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